We make quality dentures at an affordable price, so that you can smile confidently again.

Our Services

Complete Dentures

Are your current dentures old, worn, or losing functionality? Have you had teeth extracted over 9-12 months ago? Let us help you restore your smile by choosing from our variety of replacement dentures.

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First Time Dentures

Our first time dentures act as a band-aid following the extraction of your teeth. These first time denture packages are designed to cater to you throughout your healing process.

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Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures act as an aesthetic and functional replacement for missing teeth in-between your remaining natural teeth.

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Denture Relines

Our clinic recommends relining your dentures 9-12 months after gum healing, and every 4-5 years. Your mouth changes, so should your dentures!

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Repairs & Adjustments

Broken denture, or a sore spot? we'll get you in for a same day repair or adjustment.

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Implants can provide a more secure hold for your denture.

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Add a three year warranty on new dentures for $200 per plate.

for chips, cracks, and breaks